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Today Dec 6, 2021, we have added a new category on our website; this new category was aptly named Who To Follow. Why should you care? This new category will highlight and present some of the most influential people in different branches of society that are not afraid to speak the truth.

In today’s world, fake media outlets do everything to disseminate a false narrative. If you don’t believe us, look at the phony reporting outlets like CNN, MSN, CBS, and other similarly corrupt and compromised institutions.

As is false reporting is not enough, we also have Big Tech companies actively censoring (i.e., hiding) the truth from the average internet user. Think about all the videos that YouTube took down during the last two years.

The above being the case, here at NorthAmerica-News.com, we think it is crucial and appropriate to set up this new category on our website to introduce as many accurate and uncompromised reporters as possible.

Introducing Michael Yon

Who is Michael Yon?

Michael Yon has covered many wars and conflicts such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the CCP information war. In February 2020, Hong Kong denied his re-entry and deported him to Thailand. He has since returned to the United States. He needs your support in the fight against communism and communist China and is now reporting on the related growing Socialist/Communist takeover of the United States.

Why follow Michael Yon?

Michael Yon is one of those rare uncompromised reporters who will deliver the truth. A classic example of his insight follows below.

Lara Calls Fauci what He Is

06 December 2021
Washington, DC

Am back in this foul town to deliver some talks on the soft invasion over our borders. I’ve been watching it all year from numerous countries. Recall my 2021 actually started here in DC as direct witness to the false-flag operation at the Capitol Building.

After the Inauguration, I flew straight to El Paso to join on the border with Chuck Holton and Masako Ganaha. And the migration invasion exploded as this pandemic-attack continued.

The States and Sheriffs must retake their power. Exert their will. Kick out Federal agencies who abuse their positions.

Lara Logan is a rare journalist. Very rare. There is practically no war correspondent alive — none to my knowledge — with her level of experience and hard knocks who did not burn out into alcohol, drugs, or self-pity. They nearly all burn out and lose the trail.

Lara gets more dangerous with every passing year as her deep experience and study evolve into that uncommon thing called wisdom. She’s not just smart and experienced anymore. She’s becoming something else. I higher order.

And when Lara takes this Fauci-guy into a headlock, he should take notice. But he will not. Because Fauci is not wise. Fauci is very smart, every clever, and he is elder, but he is not a Wise Elder. And he has no moral or ethical compass.

Deep inside, Fauci is a coward. Lara senses this. I sense she senses it, anyway. I cannot read her mind. But I can read her eyes. Lara is ready to rip out his face. She’s a real Lioness.

Fauci is a Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. Lara frightens him. And so Fauci claws back and tries to hide behind the leg of a bigger man. He’s a little rat against someone who goes to war after war with real bullets flying. Fauci has no chance against someone like Lara. She’s not afraid to die. It’s not an act. I feel her seriousness. Fauci is afraid of his shriveled shadow.

Lara will not apologize for offending Dr. Death who poisons children. That is not her way. And Lara is a Mother. She’s not only a Lioness but a Mamma Bear.

Fauci is so weak and pathetic, so lacking in any sort of courage, that he cannot empathize with Lara because he does not share in a warrior spirit. He does not understand her heart and how sincere and dangerous she really can be. And he does not seem to understand the world that is unfolding around him.

Nobody will apologize for the storm ahead.


From today onwards NorthAmerica-News.com will feature a new Who To Follow post every Monday.

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