The Watchers Season 1 Movie by Aaron Greer

The watchers season 1

Are you tired of watching the same old movies and plots on Netflix? Here’s you chance to enjoy a brand new series (The Watchers) by Aaron Greer.

The Watchers – Season 1 Trailer

What is The Watchers Series?

The Watchers is a spiritual thriller series about the archangel Michael. He is sent back to earth realm to protect mortals chosen by God from the attacks of his brother, Samael aka the devil. This action packed thriller series explores current topics through the perspective of spiritual beings as they do battle in the shadows for our souls.

The series stars the internet’s Batman, Kevin Porter as the archangel Michael, David Gries as Samael, Ciera Foster as the fallen angel Tamiel, T.C. Stallings as Pastor Tom Cullen, and Alfred Hsing as the demon Gadreel.

Our goal for the series was to tell a compelling, uplifting, and entertaining story that inspires our audience. The show explores ideas of love, hope, redemption, and family struggles. This show was intended to be watched by everyone, and speaks to each age group in a unique way.

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Who is Aaron Greer?

Aaron Greer is a filmmaker living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Aaron has been making films for the past ten years. He currently runs his production company, Next Horizon Studios creating content for business clients and creating short and long form entertainment for audiences.

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