U.S. Taxpayer Billions Funneled into Global LGBTQ Campaigns

U.S. Taxpayer Billions Funneled into Global LGBTQ Campaigns

Questionable Allocation of $4.1 Billion

In a startling revelation, the U.S. government has directed a colossal sum of $4.1 billion towards LGBTQ initiatives over three fiscal years, raising eyebrows over the prioritization of such spending. The funds, sourced from taxpayers, have been channeled into many projects, including a notable $1.8 million grant to the LGBT Life Center in Virginia and a half-million-dollar grant to Serbia’s Grupa Izadji to promote LGBTQI+ economic opportunities.

International Funding Amid Domestic Needs

The global reach of this funding has extended to countries like Armenia, where the Pink Human Rights Defender received $1 million from U.S. coffers to “empower the LGBTI community.” Such international expenditures have sparked controversy, particularly when contrasted with the pressing needs within the United States’ borders, such as infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

Transparency Concerns Over Grant Distribution

A deep dive into the federal spending website uncovers that the term “LGBT” unlocks a list of 1,181 grants, alongside loans and direct payments, with some critics questioning the transparency and justification behind these substantial financial endowments. The distribution of these funds, particularly those exceeding $1 million, has ignited a debate on the criteria and oversight governing these allocations.

Research Grants or Misdirected Resources?

The funding extends into academic research, with projects like Emory University’s study on “cross-sex hormone therapy” receiving nearly $3.5 million. While research is vital, focusing on such niche studies has been criticized as a potential misdirection of resources that could otherwise address broader public health concerns.

Educational Influence or Indoctrination?

The educational system has yet to be spared, with significant grants aimed at establishing gay-straight alliances in middle and high schools and supporting LGBTQIA+ pride centers in community colleges. Critics argue this could represent an ideological push within educational settings, potentially at odds with the educational core mission and the values of many American families.

Public Sentiment Versus Government Agenda

The government’s financial commitment to LGBTQ causes has been met with a polarized response. While some applaud the inclusivity efforts, there is a growing concern that this spending spree may not reflect the will of the majority, with many Americans calling for a focus on foundational educational skills devoid of gender ideology or sexual orientation instruction.


Source: theepochtimes

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