Gas stove

Controversial California Gas Stove Ban Upended – A Win for Consumer Choice or a Loss for the Environment?

A federal court has overturned a controversial ban on natural gas stoves in Berkeley, California, sparking heated debate on whether this decision represents a victory for consumer choice or a setback for... Read more »

Playing For The Environment

The United Nations’ Ozone Secretariat launched a mobile video game aimed at adolescents on Wednesday to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the Earth’s ozone layer and protecting the planet. The... Read more »
Is The Arctic Warming Up Faster Than We Though?

Is The Arctic Warming Up Faster Than We Thought?

The Arctic is once again at the centre of geopolitical and strategic discussions, mainly for one reason — climate change — and it is imperative to act now, write Virginijus Sinkevicius and... Read more »

Fracking activity stabilizing even with decreased demand for oilfield services

Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL), North America’s largest provider of fracking services, sees activity stabilizing across the shale patch as it announced another net loss this year due to decreased demand for oilfield... Read more »

Electric Vehicles Are Not Be As Clean As You May Think

In reality, the ultimate issue we are led to believe is how easily, led by an alleged scientific consensus, enlightened Western governments will "decarbonize" with renewable energy in a scramble to save... Read more »

Central Ohio and Midwest Storms Cause Severe Damage and Billions in Damage

Monday, as a storm front plowed into the city from the northwest in many counties, including Delaware, Franklin, Knox, Licking and Union, carrying wind gusts of more than 60 mph, hail and... Read more »

Global Climate Strikes Resume Calling For Urgent Action

Also in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, school students, youth activists and communities around the world have turned out for a day of climate strikes to demonstrate the severity of the... Read more »

Global Warming Is Changing The Arctic Climate According To Scientists

The consequences of global warming are so extreme that the Arctic region is moving to a new climate, one that is less marked by ice and snow and more open water and... Read more »

90 Major Fires Have Burned More Than 5300 Square Miles Across The US

Wednesday, strong winds sweeping through the West fuelled fast-growing wildfires and forced mass evacuations as firefighters gamely struggled to protect lives, homes and businesses. According to a report by the National Fire... Read more »

Glacier Larger Than Great Britain Is Melting Eroded By Warm Ocean Waters

British scientists have mapped cavities half the size of the Grand Canyon that allow warm ocean waters to erode the Antarctic ‘s massive Thwaites glacier, accelerating sea-level rise worldwide. Like decay in... Read more »