U.S. Taxpayer Billions Funneled into Global LGBTQ Campaigns

U.S. Taxpayer Billions Funneled into Global LGBTQ Campaigns

Questionable Allocation of $4.1 Billion In a startling revelation, the U.S. government has directed a colossal sum of $4.1 billion towards LGBTQ initiatives over three fiscal years, raising eyebrows over the prioritization... Read more »

Politicians Overreach – Demand for Revival of YouTube’s Election Misinformation Policies Undermines Freedom of Speech

YouTube’s Surprising Reversal Sparks Backlash Capitol Hill witnessed a wave of dissatisfaction this Thursday as certain legislators took a stand against YouTube and its corporate parent, Alphabet Inc. The uproar stems from... Read more »
Mainstream Media Fake News

Uncovering the Truth – Leftist Bias in Mainstream Media Under Fire

Public Trust in News Outlets Dwindles as Liberal Bias Continues to Dominate the Landscape Perceived Bias in Mainstream Media As public trust in news outlets dwindles, increasing attention is being drawn to... Read more »
Biden Corruption

Bombshell Allegations – Biden Campaign and Blinken Accused of Election Interference

Whistleblowers Unmask Alleged Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Story and Deep State Involvement The Controversial Letter and Partisan Political Move In explosive revelations, whistleblowers have accused the Biden campaign of orchestrating a... Read more »
Ukraine Flag

LeakGate – Did Pentagon Leaks Expose Biden’s Web of Lies in Ukraine War?

In a shocking development, a series of leaked Pentagon documents have cast doubt on the official narrative surrounding the Ukraine war and raised questions about the Biden administration’s honesty. Multiple sources, including... Read more »

Cubans Protest Communist Ties

Hundreds of Cuban Americans gathered in Tampa on Friday to protest against communism and the visit of the Cuban ambassador to the United States. The protest, which local Cuban American groups organized,... Read more »
Voter Fraud

2000 Mules Proves Massive Voter Fraud in 2020 Elections

Despite claims made by the Liberal Left, Dinesh D’Souza was able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was a massive conspiracy in the 2020 elections in the US.... Read more »
Dr Oz Fired

Dr. Oz Fired For Showing Biden’s Many Mistakes But Vows Not To Be Silent

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a U.S. Senate candidate best known in the United States as the daytime TV host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” claimed on Wednesday that he had been sacked from... Read more »