Playing For The Environment

The United Nations’ Ozone Secretariat launched a mobile video game aimed at adolescents on Wednesday to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the Earth’s ozone layer and protecting the planet.

The game, titled “Reset Earth,” is based on an animated film of the same name that premiered on January 24, “World Education Day,” and has been viewed more than 83,800 times on YouTube in less than three weeks.

The mobile game, which follows the plot of the film, is available for Android and iOS devices and invites players on a time-travel adventure to save the Earth and what remains of human life.

Three teenagers join forces in a dystopian adventure set in 2084, when the ozone layer has been completely destroyed and human life is under threat from a virus known as GROW, which has spread around the world and reduced life expectancy to less than 30 years.

environment game

The game and film aim to teach people of all ages about the importance of preserving the ozone layer and the environment.

“Their journey takes them back in time, where they learn about the importance of the ozone layer and the impact of working together toward a common human cause,” the UN Environment Program Ozone Secretariat said in a statement.


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