Twitter is infected with pro lockdown and vaccine tweet bots

Twitterbot Accounts

In a recent feed on a vaccine-related thread on Twitter NorthAmerica-News found a large number of replies to a post. This by itself is not strange at all. What was strange however is that all replies had the exact same wording, and that made it stick out like a sore thumb.

It is obvious that these ‘profiles’ replying to the original Tweet were not human at all. In fact, they are clearly bots. Bots are nothing new on social media platforms. In fact, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter have been targeted for years. Bots have been used on the internet for years for all kinds of activities.

Some types of bots are even helpful, an example is the common auto-reply bot. These types of bots answer questions for page visitors (or at least try) when there is no one around to reply to a query from a visitor. However, the bots we are seeing now have been programmed with a totally different, and darker agenda!

The bots we are seeing today are demanding lockdowns till Christmas, vaccines, and other nefarious actions from the government.

The big question however is:

Who Is Paying For These Twitter Bots?

Up to now, NorthAmerica-News has identified 6 of these bot account on Twitter:

  • @StateAverse
  • @CDM0202
  • @AzpiCesar28
  • @LeedsMano04
  • @thfcsam_
  • @rowe_szn

There is some speculation whether these bots are controlled by China, Big Pharma or both. We can not answer that at the moment but we will continue to look out for them and report it here.

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