The Contagion Myth A Must Read For Everyone

The Contagion Myth

In trolling through the internet and looking for information and tracking down resources, you ocassionaly find some true golden nuggets. One such nugget is The Contagion Myth by Thomas S. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell. This book takes a radical new approach to medical 'science'.

Here is a short section of the first paragraph. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in maintaining health and a balanced lifestyle.

In finding our way through this morass, we need well-defined rules to determine how to prove causation—and these rules should be clear, simple, and correct. We do have such rules, but scientists have ignored them for years. Unfortunately, failure to follow these guidelines threatens to destroy the fabric of society.

Imagine that an inventor calls you up and says he has invented a new ping-pong ball that is able to knock down brick walls and therefore make the process of demolition much easier and safer for builders and carpenters. Sounds interesting, although it is hard to imagine how a ping-pong ball could do such a thing. You ask the inventor to show you how he has determined that the new ping-pong balls are able to destroy brick walls. His company sends you a video. The video shows them putting a ping-pong ball in a bucket of rocks and ice cubes. They then take the bucket and fling it at a small brick wall. The wall goes down—“there’s the proof,” they say.

Wait a minute! How do we know it was the ping-pong ball that knocked the wall down and not the rocks and ice cubes that were also in the bucket?

“Good question,” the inventor replies and then sends you a video showing an animated or virtual ping-pong ball destroying a virtual brick wall. He lets you know that the ball and the wall are exact renditions of the actual ball and brick. Still, something doesn’t seem right; after all, it’s fairly easy to create a computer image or video that shows such an occurrence, yet we would all agree it has nothing to do with what might happen with the actual ball and wall.

The inventor is getting exasperated with all your questions, but since you are a potential investor and he is interested in having your financial support, he persists. He then sends you a detailed analysis of what makes his ping-pong ball special. It has special protrusions on the outside of the ball that “grab onto and destroy the integrity of the cement holding the bricks together.” Also, they build a lightweight internal system in the ping-pong ball that, according to the inventor, leverages the power of the ball, making it hundreds of times more powerful than the usual ping-pong ball. This, he says, is absolute proof that the new ball can whack down walls.

At this point, you are ready to hang up on this lunatic, but then he pulls the final trump card. He sends you videos of five esteemed researchers in the new field of ping-pong ball demolition. They, of course, have been funded entirely by the Ping-Pong Ball Demolition Council and have attained prestigious positions in the field. They each separately give testimony about the interesting qualities of this new ping-pong ball. They admit that more research is needed, but they have “presumptive” evidence that the claims of improved efficiency are correct and that a cautious investment is warranted. At that point, you do hang up the phone and check outside to see whether you’ve been dropped into Alice’s Wonderland, and whether you have just been talking to the Mad Hatter.

Now if this ping-pong ball can really knock down brick walls, the obvious thing to do is to take the ping-pong ball, throw it at the wall, and record what happens—then have multiple other non-invested people do the same to make sure the company didn’t put lead in the ball and throw it at a wall made of paper bricks. We could call this the Ultimate Ping-Pong Ball Test (UPPBT).

As bizarre and crazy as it sounds, this lack of evidence—that a microorganism called coronavirus pulls down the wall of your immune system, invades your cells, and starts replicating in them—is exactly what has happened with the “coronavirus” pandemic. No one has bothered to see what happens if you do the UPPBT, throwing the ball against the wall— and if you even suggest that we should do this, the trolls emerge from the shadows to call you a crazy person spreading “fake news.”

Most people would agree with the requirement of proving that the ping-pong ball can destroy the brick wall; it’s not something any of us would consider negotiable.. And most people would agree that seeing a real brick wall demolished by a ping-pong ball constitutes proof. In other words, sane, rational human beings would accept the above UPPBT as true and relevant.

Most of us can see logic here, but still we have been thought otherwise. We believe that this side of the medical equation deserves at least equal attention as traditional Western medicine. You can buy this book at Simon and Schuster website.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with the Simon and Schuster website.

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