French politician shocks world: ‘President Macron and most MPs not vaccinated’


French President Macron and most French MPs have not been vaccinated against corona. Jean Lassalle, until recently a member of parliament in France, revealed this in conversation with NTD Français. Images of the conversation are being shared en masse by French Twitter users in particular.

Draconian corona measures were in force in France. The corona pass was even mandatory in certain shopping centers, where many supermarkets are located. The result was that people could not go shopping because they had not gotten enough pricks.

Four heart surgeries

Lassalle did not know that Macron and most French MPs had not been vaccinated. He himself got a shot from Janssen because, as a member of parliament, he felt obliged to, and deeply regretted it. “The vaccine almost got me killed,” he said.

The politician had to undergo four heart surgeries after his corona vaccination. When he participated in the French presidential election this year, he said he had fallen ill, but no one listened. Indeed, they wanted to silence him.

No politician

“At least you have proven that the vaccines cause serious side effects,” interviewer Ying Huang responded.

“Very serious side effects,” Lassalle said. “I almost died.”

Earlier, Belgian lawyer Carine Knapen said it is her personal belief that no politician has been vaccinated against corona. “At worst, they received a placebo,” Knapen said. “The pharmaceutical giants obviously know perfectly well which vials contain the real thing and which contain a saline solution.”



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