Curacao’s Apparent Covid Death Competition – Are They For Real?

Comparing Covid Deaths

Last Updated: 5/31/2021

In a previous post, we spoke about the low Covid death rate on the island of Curacao. Now suddenly, AFTER the Pfizer vaccine arrives on the island, we can see a complete reversal of previous numbers. This is highly suspicious and merits further investigation. But before I get to the point of Curacao’s apparent ‘Covid Death Competition,’ I need to warn you. If you are not ready to think independently or if mainstream media have brainwashed you, you will not like what you are about to read here. (Not that I care or give a damn… I am just warning you!)

Official Propaganda and Censorship

After seeing all the propaganda and media manipulation that has been going over the last year, we cannot do anything but question every piece of ‘news’ being promoted and pushed onto a largely unsuspecting and brainwashed public. Manipulation ranging from the number of Covid deaths to outright lies pushed out by Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and others, including mainstream media outlets like CNN, CNBC, MSN, and the whole cohort of news outlets that at some point in the very distant past used to be objective news outlets.

From the initial stages, the public has been misinformed and even lied to, both by mainstream media and official channels (think Fauci). By the way, Bill Gates is NOT official, even though he might want you to think he is. Bill Gates is just an interested party with the opportunity to make a load of money by promoting vaccines from companies he has heavily invested in.

  • Fauci lied about herd immunity.
  • Fauci lied about masks.
  • Fauci lied about hydroxychloroquine
  • Fauci lies, period!


Fauci’s lies are so rampant that at least one of the US’ top legislators wants him to be fired. The Fire Fauci Act.

These deliberate lies, coupled with the increasing censorship from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other tech firms on anything that does not comply with the mainstream narrative, clearly indicate a hidden agenda. Our website operates based on a simple principle. When we look at ‘news’ as reported by mainstream media, governments, Big Pharma, and Big Tech, our principles are:

  • If it seems fishy
  • If it sounds fishy
  • If it looks fishy
  • If it smells fishy

It is, in all likelihood, a damn fish!

You’re perfectly aware that there are many biased media outlets selling agendas, propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation. You know enough to understand to you need to become more educated and prejudiced with the information you consume. This is what is all about!

Simple enough for you? Now let’s move on…

How The Media Reports Covid Deaths

In this next section, let’s examine how covid deaths have been reported compared to all other diseases known to man.

When a person contracts a disease (any disease), HIV, for example, and that person, later on, passes away of some OTHER FACTOR associated with that disease (kidney failure due to infection), the cause of death for that person would be attributed to the original disease and NOT the associated factor that led to actual death.

Except when we look at how Covid deaths have been ‘promoted’ to the public. And we say ‘promoted’ and not ‘presented’ on purpose. It seems that all underlying health problems are totally ignored and fly out the window when a person contracts what seems to be Covid.

It suddenly does not matter what prior disease or health issue(s) that person may have. All such deaths are attributed to Covid and Covid alone. This is MAJOR BS!!! The image below is meant to help you understand better how Covid deaths are compared to ALL other deaths.

Covid19 Death Attribution

The media (and the uninformed public) also act as if dying WITH Covid is the same as dying OF Covid. The truth, however, is they are not the same. Even worse than that, there are many cases where terminally ill patients have been reported as Covid deaths! Please don’t believe me, read what the families had to say on the website. (We have download a copy of that page just in case it gets removed like so many other pages that report the truth have been.)

And this exact same practice is happening EVERYWHERE! Not just in the UK.

These ‘errors’ are not just mistakes; they are purposefully committed to create fear in the population.

Add to the fact that hospitals are being compensated for reporting Covid deaths. The system is and has been enabling massive fraud. This is being perpetrated by the doctors you trust, the politicians you believe serve you, and this has been supported and perpetuated by mainstream media.

And Now For The Apparent ‘Covid Death Competition’ that seems to be going on in Curacao.

Remember This: Whenever anything works out too well in favor of Big Pharma beware!

Let’s start with dates and numbers. Between March 2020 and March 2021, there were 22 deaths in total attributed to Covid19. This is according to official numbers reported by the local government.

The Pfizer vaccine arrived on the island of Curacao around mid-February. Initially, it seems like the uptake was not going fast enough for the powers that be. So some form of incentive seemed necessary. And with Covid, what better incentive than the fear of death? So suddenly, between March 16th, 2021, and April 29th, 2021, there are 108 deaths attributed to Covid19.

How is it that these numbers exploded the way they did within a 6 week period? Are these numbers for real? Suddenly the island went from a death rate of 0.187% to a whopping 0.889%. That is ALMOST 1 death in every hundred people diagnosed with the disease. The calculation is simple enough. You take the total number of deceased people and divide that by the total number of people who tested positive and multiply the outcome by 100. 108/12163*100 = 0.889%


Comoaring Covid Deaths


Why are people in Curacao suddenly dying in such high numbers from Covid19 since the arrival of the ‘vaccine’? This is highly suspicious to say the least.

One could argue that the numbers are artificially augmented to scare people to take the vaccine. The question then becomes, is this done on orders coming from The Netherlands, or is it something cooked up on the island itself?

Izzy Gerstenblut

Izzy Gerstenblut
Source: Wikipedia

Why is Izzy Gerstenblut ignoring critical information and NOT reporting the FACT to the people in Curacao that THERE IS NO VACCINE FOR COVID19? A vaccine is supposed to STOP someone from getting infected. The poison being pushed around the world does NOT do this. Izzy Gerstenblut is also aware that a vaccine is supposed to STOP transmission of disease, and the poison being pushed around the world does NOT do that either.

Izzy Gerstenblut and every medical (and non-medical) person with more than 2 brain cells to rub together and doesn’t live under a rock will know that Pfizer and now Moderna poison alters your DNA via RNA. Basically, what happens with this so-called vaccine is that it makes YOUR body produce the spikes that resemble the Coronavirus spikes, and your immune system is supposed to recognize this and launch a response. Izzy Gerstenblut also knows that THE EXACT name for something like this is GENE THERAPY! In effect, Izzy Gerstenblut, the government, and Big Pharma ask you to take gene therapy!

Why is Izzy Gerstenblut ignoring to mention this fact to the people? Could it be that he is being ORDERED to ignore this by the Dutch government? While this may sound crazy at first, we do have information on one verifiable case where at least one hospital tried to blame a person’s death on Covid19. It wasn’t until the deceased person’s sons threatened to sue the hospital that they admitted their father had NOT died of Covid19 and changed the death certificate.  Is Curacao to become a test island for vaccination? We can’t answer that, but it is not outside the realm of possibilities.

How Dinah Veeris Was Used To Promote Vaccination in Curacao

Dinah Veeris is a traditional herbalist who has been promoting the health benefits of different local herbs and plants growing on the island for many years. With her garden containing more than 300 medicinal plants and herbs, it is shocking that she let herself be used as a guinea pig for an unproven injection with potentially lethal consequences. According to news reports from a Dutch newspaper (website), she was invited to participate in the initial vaccination group to promote these injections to other islanders. We believe that someone with her background should have declined the invite with some choice words for the people making the invitation. We wonder what kind of independent research Dinah Veeris did about these vaccines. From the article published on that Dutch website, it seems like none at all. She was happy to be invited and get the publicity based on her own words in the article.

We know of at least two people (long-time supporters) who have read this article and wrote back to us and said they would never buy anything from Dinah Veeris ever again, and we can’t blame them.

Alex David Rosaria Claims Non-Vaccinated People Are Keeping The Island Hostage

Alex David RosariaIt was interesting to read a post on Alex Rosaria’s blog where he claims that a ‘Too Large Minority’ of people on the island are a menace to society for not taking the vaccine.

A too large minority of people here in Curacao are putting all our lives at risk, hinder economic activities, prolong suffering in our homes because they refuse to take the Covid vaccine. They are completely wrong, based on science, but they do have an abundance of conspiracy theories.

– Words by Alex David Rosaria

We have a few questions, Alex Rosaria. Since when did you become a vaccine expert? What research have you done into the effects of this new trial concoction created by Big Pharma? Where does YOUR version of ‘science’ come from? Are they still wrong in Curacao for being hesitant to take something never before used on humans? Are they wrong for NOT wanting a concoction that would alter their DNA? Are the citizens of Curacao still ‘conspiracy theorists’ when thousands of INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EXPERTS worldwide have come together in opposition to the current compound they call a vaccine? Do you, Alex David Rosaria, even know what a damn vaccine is? Do you? Apparently, you don’t, so we will explain it here, so even someone of your capacities will understand.

What is a vaccine:

vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins, or one of its surface proteins. The agent stimulates the body’s immune system to recognize the agent as a threat, destroy it, and to further recognize and destroy any of the microorganisms associated with that agent that it may encounter in the future.

– Source: Wikipedia

So next question to you, Alex David Rosaria. Does either one of your Pfizer and Moderna ‘vaccines’ used in Curacao fit that description? Just in case you didn’t know, the answer is a resounding NO!!! Neither one does.


Dr Byram Bridle, Associate professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph Explains Dangers Of Vaccination

More Questions for Alex David Rosaria

Are people smart enough to look for information before taking an experimental drug to ignore critical information?

Do you have more medical expertise than over 10.000 INDEPENDENT doctors from all over the world at AmericasFrontlineDoctors?

Alex David Rosaria, if you are so confident in the superpowers of your vaccine, why are you scared that others refuse to take it? You are ‘protected,’ aren’t you, so why the fear?

Do you, Alex David Rosaria know that as of today May, 18th, 2021, not one single covid vaccine has been officially approved by the FDA?

Alex David Rosaria goes on to state in his article that those who refuse the vaccine are selfish and don’t think about the rest, which of course, is total BS. If you feel like taking it, take it, but don’t discriminate against those smarter than YOU, Alex David Rosaria!

Medical Discrimination

We have also received some, as yet, unconfirmed stories of businesses on the island threatening to fire employees if they are unvaccinated. From what we’ve heard, there is at least one supermarket on the island involved. There is also an unconfirmed story circulating on Whatsapp and Telegram about a bank that threatened to fire an employee, who is now in the hospital after taking the vaccine to keep her job. If these stories are real, I would highly recommend anyone being threatened with job loss to get a lawyer and sue the employer for medical discrimination.

Medical discrimination is illegal in The Netherlands and is illegal in Curacao as well. is 100% against ALL forms of discrimination, whether based on sexual orientation, race, or medical grounds. If vaccinated people and businesses are so confident about the vaccine, why would they be scared of unvaccinated people? If we were vaccinated against measles, we would have no problem with someone who wasn’t right? This duality in behavior makes it quite clear that these people (and businesses) are NOT confident in the vaccine’s efficacy, yet they want to force it on employees. This is illegal and immoral, and we suggest you sue your employer for medical discrimination.

Long queues of people waiting to get vaccinated

queue of people waiting for vaccinationThe sad result of all this deliberate censorship, misinformation, and medical discrimination is that islanders are lining up in long queues to get vaccinated without the slightest idea of what will happen to their immune systems in the long run.

No long-term testing has been conducted on ANY of the current vaccines being pushed on citizens, and they have to take big pharma’s word in regards to safety and long-term effects. Another question we have is, why in God’s name would you ever take anything at all promoted by someone (Bill Gates) who has repeatedly and publicly stated that the world population needs to be reduced?

If you have already been vaccinated, this article has reached you far too late. If you have NOT yet been vaccinated, take a moment to do your own research into the possible (and maybe likely) side effects of what the vaccine can do to you. Mainstream media can NOT be trusted with unbiased information, and neither can you trust Google to give you unbiased answers. We suggest you use Duckduckgo when conducting your investigation into this mess. As for Curacao’s Covid Death Competition, we highly mistrust the number of deaths reported by the government and media.

If you want to do further research on your own from independent sources, we highly recommend the following links here:


Check out DayStar Videos for an in-depth discussion on why the Covid ‘vaccine’ is NOT a real vaccine and how it could potentially cause you irreparable damage!



Dr. Simone Gold


Vaers Death Reports on Virginiastoner Website






Background to the new Nuremberg Trials 2021:

A large team of more than 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts, led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO, and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

Nuremberg Code Covid Trials

Several of these sites have links to multiple other sources where you can continue your own investigation.

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