Canada Election 2021: Personal Plea to Vote PPC

Canada in Distress

Today received a letter from one of our Canadian readers. We have decided to repost it here in full.

To all my Canadian Friends…

I truly fear for our future. The present danger I see is in my opinion, communist and globalist in nature. It is EVIL, and it will do anything to ensure the future you and I see for ourselves never becomes a possibility. It will shackle you in chains (you thought taxes were evil?), wipe all meaning from your existence, and keep you buried in hopelessness and despair. And the technology is here to enable it.

This video will help set the tone and give a little bit of context to begin.
Brian Peckford – Fall Of Democracy: Canada’s Last Architect of Charter of Freedoms & Rights

Shit. I didn’t want to do this. We have to talk about covid for a moment. Now I’m not a medical doctor… none of this is medical advice… yaddayadda… Just some damn worthwhile observations.

I’m sorry but all the following is going to sound callous, and disingenuous. But I need to for the sake of brevity.

I mourn with you for every soul we’ve lost.

Call it The Greatest Dupe in History.

There’s a database. It’s called Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is a database for medical personnel as well as the general public to log a report for side effects attributed to vaccines. It is one of 11 such databases. Historically only about 1% of adverse events get reported to it for various reasons. The vaccines that were rolled out to combat covid were trial treatments. In short, a global experiment. Typically, Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) are treatments meant to be provided if FDA cannot provide approval status to such a treatment in a timely enough response. HOWEVER, the data collection, reporting, and analysis requirements for such trials are far more stringent. That has not happened, and it has not been transparent.

The two figures I want you to focus on are total adverse reports and deaths. And keep in mind, the swine flu of 1976 was TERMINATED after (I believe it was 7 deaths, but have also seen 26 or 27 deaths quoted):
Adverse Reports: 675,591
Deaths: 14,506

Historically these numbers reflect ONLY 1% OF ALL POSSIBLE DATA

ALL trial data should have been meticulously tracked for every recipient, managed and leveraged according to standards that have been in place a VERY long time in this heavily regulated industry. Data “leaks” just don’t happen in this industry, the practices and standards are that stringent.

It is critical to understand, rigorous collection of trial data is absolutely necessary. It provides a window to risk and allows authorities to weigh against potential benefits and determines if a treatment will make it to the next stage of development, or ultimately available for mass consumption. VAERS itself is important because it serves to help monitor ongoing safety, and leads to more real-world experience with long term effects for safety and consequent adjustments to protocol.

Compare historical VAERS reporting with the dramatic rise of harmful incidents reported with this trial treatment.


Objection: But the virus demanded it. We needed to do something

With what we know now… it is causing far more damage than good.

Government has issued a war cry to ensure every man, woman, and child is subjugated and injected, whether it its in their best interest or not. In addition, there have been a LOT of mismanagement issues around everything related to it. There have been cheaper, more effective, and readily available alternatives that have been completely suppressed. One such drug company, Merck for instance, have themselves sabotaged a very successful drug of their own which has been used around the world for the last 30+ years. While there are several alternatives, this particular one is Ivermectin. It is also proven to be effective in the fight against covid. It is cheap, in abundance, and readily available. Yet Merck has demonized their own drug as a safe alternative because it possessed no future value. Google also censored and buried this information because it has ownership in Merck. We now see legacy media vilifying Ivermectin as a horse dewormer, while in India it has been successful in stopping the Delta variant.

This is while drug companies have been reporting unprecedented profits as a result of the forceful push for vaccines and boosters.

However, existing treatments meant the trial drugs forced on our populations would have been restricted from becoming accepted as an EUA under Nuremberg Code. Nuremberg Code prevents EUAs from being authorized if an effective treatment already exists.

And according to the Nuremberg Code, three conditions in particular MUST also be met:

  1. Individuals must be given ALL information including contents and side effects (DEATH, anaphylaxis, Bell’s Palsy, Miscarriages, Heart Attacks, Myocarditis/Pericarditis, Permanent Disability, Thrombocytophenia/Low Platelet, Severe Allergic Reaction, Shingles… and ????)
  2. Individuals must have legal capacity to give consent (HOW are governments and health authorities asking, AND FORCING, children under the age of 18 to provide consent of their own volition and usurping their parent’s authority under this requirement?)
  3. Individuals must be free to exercise power of choice, without any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, with sufficient knowledge comprehension to make an enlightened decision.

DEF DURESS: Threats, violence, constraints, or other action brought to bear on someone to do something against their will or better judgement LAW: constraint illegally exercised to force someone to perform an act.

DEF TERRORISM: The unlawful use of violence and intimidation especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

INFORMED consent has been revoked. We are not given clear disclosure of the health risks and side-effects in consultation prior to vaccinations. The government has mandated EVERYONE comply to injections with experimental treatments, despite contra-indications you may demonstrate including existing antibodies from previous infection. And I personally have a very hard time calling death or something like long-term disability a “side-effect.” Let me be clear – we have been forced with intimidation and under threat of terrorism to blindly accept injections.

In the event 3rd parties are administering vaccinations, you are forced to accept all responsibility and abrogate any recourse for legal action because they are not your medical doctor. They do not have access or the privilege of your medical history. There is no informed consent. Consequently no enlightened consent itself. And there are now movements around the globe to mix the vaccine with flu shots.

Legacy media and big tech have prevented alternative or conflicting views, and government collusion has censored and silenced necessary voices from being heard that would have prevented untold deaths and injuries. By definition corporations working hand in hand with governments against the rights of citizens is tyranny.

While they have restricted access to information on the one hand, they have pushed propaganda and false information on the other making tech and main stream media complicit in the lies, deceit and atrocities committed against our populations.

Many issues with the trial treatments have been known for a very long while, even before injections began. Yet doctors, nurses, virologists and other essential specialists have been prevented from providing valuable, essential experience and insight because they have been threatened and silenced.

There has been a targeted push for 100% compliance. There have been relentless advertising, inducements with cash benefits, lotteries, and because they have not realized their goals, vaccine passports are now being enforced, and vaccinations are required as a condition of employment. They are forcing businesses to police both staff and customers.

Think Long and Hard about That

**Canadian Citizens are being FORCED to police each other in this new paradigm.**

Julie Ponesse PhD., an ethics professor at Huron College at the University of Ontario was recently fired for refusing the vaccine over ethical issues.


Despite making unprecedented profits, pharma has been absolved of any responsibility of any harm or wrongdoing, and government relieved itself from any accountability whatsoever. In Canada, Trudeau has offered to pay for funerals related to deaths. Why does that sound so troubling? Why does that sound like some cooked up half-baked non-sensical marketing scheme, rather than enforcing accountability where it needs to be held?

ALL OF THIS works to undermine the goal and intent of the Nuremberg Code and the protection of our citizenship. It makes government and health authorities guilty in crimes against humanity, and responsible for all the unnecessary death and destruction that may have been prevented.

The general strategy has been:

  1. Fear
  2. Plead
  3. Entice
  4. Force



And compare to an Israel top health official saying 95% of severe covid patients in hospital are those vaccinated.

Yet Alberta propaganda would have you believe only ~2% of new admissions are from double vaccinated patients:

Doctors such as Dr Rochagne Kilian are now coming forward (as they are sworn to do) despite threats against their own livelihood and their right to continue practicing. Consider this… at least 80% of the ER patients in Ontario during the past three months were double-vaxxed


And others have come forth and confessed that they have [euthanized] patients unnecessarily because they were unable to provide proper (read: alternative) treatment from the outset.


According to one health practitioner:

NIH now recommends Vitamin C, D3 and Zinc for prevention and treatment of Covid-19. The rest of us who have recommended it for the past 18 months don’t even want an apology.

LEGALLY according to the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, the burden of proof is on government to ensure the benefits outweigh all these costs and associated risks. There should have been a panel of our best medical professionals openly discussing and debating before government, contributing what they could to make the best decisions possible. None of this has happened.

Instead our governments around the world have advanced this initiative unilaterally without approving proposed bills through proper legislation.

WHEW!… Still with me?

I’m really sorry about that. That really was required context for everything else that follows. Because without ALL that context, everything else is so VERY conveniently swept under the rug, conveniently disregarded, or sounds completely unhinged with no basis in reality whatsoever.

John F. Kennedy has previously shared his own insight of power and threats to individual sovereignty, and issues some dire warnings of what we’re seeing play out this very day…


I hope you saw what happened to Artur Pawlowski? They barged into his church, and interrupted his services. As a Polish immigrant sensitive to the whims of tyranny, Artur forcefully named them and invited them to leave with no room for interpretation. The video went viral. At a later date he was pulled over, and carted off Calgary’s highways, handcuffed and loaded onto a van by Calgary City Police like a stuck pig, humiliated and condemned. He was used as an example of what that might mean for the rest of us when we think about disobeying. Police officers sworn to protect the Constitution and rights of Canadians were willing tools of the state to enforce unlawful whims of health edicts not lawfully legislated.

In addition, two other ministers were jailed, which prompted US Senator Josh Hawley to place Canada on a religious freedom watch list for violating religious freedoms over the arrests of these individuals. THE US put CANADA… CANADA!… on a RELIGIOUS FREEDOM WATCH LIST.

I stand with Artur Pawlowski and other religious leaders AND I AM ANGRY!!!

In the Canada we were raised in, this NEVER would have happened to Artur or any other religious minister. I’m not religious – I hope to the stars there is a God and believe I am too small and insignificant to know – but I respect the rights of others to be able to believe as is appropriate to them. I feel it is another’s right to their culture and heritage…. Just as I feel that others have a right to their own voice. I am very respectful of the rights of others to a fault. After all, like you, I am Canadian. And I fundamentally believe in no time in history should this have happened to any man, woman, or child in our great country of Canada. It is blatant religious persecution.

I see religious communities as our greatest advocate and last great barrier of so many of the freedoms Canada was based on and that we take for granted.

Now, I have to tell you. I was at the Freedom Rally in Calgary today.

A lot of people showed up, and still not even close to enough.

After following, and closely and quietly analyzing for the better part of two years now, I truly believe there is only one option for Canada and Canadians going forward into the future over the next day or so… voting with your values and your heart and not sacrifice even an inch.

Too many people have already been sacrificed… by politicians, our own health authorities whose chief mandate is to “Do No Harm,” our judicial systems for not intervening or speaking out… and even our media which is meant to provide opposition and supposed to hold all these systems accountable, is complicit.

All have been pitting Canadians against Canadians. Family against family… friends against friends, you against me. Me against you. They have ignored basic tenets of science and violated your freewill taking away your fundamental choices with the slogan “Trust the Science” and have LITERALLY murdered many of us without any remorse in the process. We have LOST too many people over this. It has been a blitzkrieg of lies, misdirects, demonizing, and hidden agendas. And it is promoted by the institutions and services we trust most.

To even write about it seems to me to be the stuff of Madness and Insanity.

I truly feel our nation is in desperate peril. If the last few years have taught us anything, we only have to look to our friends to the south. They have awareness, and they have momentum against the very same evils and agendas facing Canada. In Canada however… there is no resistance by comparison – no Ron DeSantis, no Kristy Noem, no Ron Paul, no Ted Cruz, no grassroots movement working diligently to protect the idea of a free republic that is The United States of America that is the very symbol of hope and Freedom. All of Canada’s political leaders have spoken with one decisive authoritarian voice… You will submit to our Communist agendas. You will be masked. You will be isolated in lock-down. You will be vaccinated. You will heel through vaccine passports, and then the social credit system we’ll soon unveil.

This attack has been slow and deliberate. It was never about health and safety. It was never about flattening a curve. Nor was it about vaccinating you to prevent infection from others. They have taken advantage of our goodwill and good-nature, and kind regard for others. They expect you to lie prostrate without a fight, without even protest.

With the worst onslaught yet to come, we cannot endure another four year cycle like we’ve seen, and we’ve witnessed play out in the US. If you were looking at TWO WEEKS and saying “We can do this”, and TODAY a YEAR AND A HALF later looking at passports that Kenney said he promised would never happen because “they have no validity” – JUST IMAGINE what they will do over THE… NEXT… FOUR… YEARS.

They are rewriting our history and they are rewriting our futures as we watch standing idly by. We never thought we’d find ourselves here. We never thought we’d see our businesses closed – yet here we are. We never thought there would be “vaccine passports” (Kenney was very sneaky to rename it something else… but that is just a slick marketing ploy – “nothing to see here friends and countrymen”). We never thought our own businesses and fellow Canadians would be policing each other, and yet… Here. We. Are. There is a lot more to come if we let it.

The show is just beginning to start.

If you look within your heart, and you feel that part deep within you – you too, must feel very troubled with things that feel so very wrong.

I will share one meme (an image) I’ve done with you below that most resonates with me – and I have done many.


Please, Please, Please pause for a moment, and consider this moment very carefully. We will never, EVER be able to get it back. This moment is THAT PRECIOUS.

If there is something in any of this that fires even the slightest bit of spark within you… if EVEN JUST ONE SMALL PART OF ANY OF THIS moves you… very carefully consider what I say next.

I will be voting PPC because it is a party that is about FREEDOM. YOUR FREEDOM and MY FREEDOM. It is about supporting the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as they are written. It is a party about CHOICE… religious, cultural, medical, educational, and travel without restriction. It is about UNITY and bringing people together. Present forces are working very hard to divide us across many issues, Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated, You vs Me, Good vs Evil, the Religious vs Agnostic and Atheist, East vs West… it is all lies and deception and so very corrupt and morally unethical. And present forces have completely and deliberately kept the PPC from being heard. The PPC has not been in the media. The PPC was not in the debates. I even suspect the Freedom Rally today was not covered by mainstream media.


Because the message of the PPC, and the PPC platform is THAT POWERFUL. It poses that much of a threat to plans that have been mechanized during the reign of Stephen Harper.

I’ve met Maxime Bernier in person. He is a man of truth, courage, integrity and doing the RIGHT thing, because it IS THE RIGHT and ONLY thing to do. He is fighting for his children and grandchildren, just as he is fighting for all children of this generation, and the next.

VERY CAREFULLY consider ALL of this as you explore the following link… then GO OUT AND VOTE WITH YOUR HEART.

Now is NOT a time to sacrifice your values or consider alternatives that may be the lesser of two evils. To sacrifice even a tiny bit of your values because it is a lesser of two evils… is exactly the kinds of sacrifices Justin Trudeau has made and it has cost CANADA, AND ALL CANADIANS YOUNG AND OLD, DEARLY. We have to look no further than the trail of scandals in his wake to see the effects of sacrificing values.

Previous generations have fought for this country with their LIVES… To vote with your heart and values is but a very small thing in comparison to protect and cherish the Canada we each know and love.

Here is the link: The Last Stretch

Whatever happens Monday… I am standing for Canada, Canadians, and the future of each – whatever it takes. Whatever happens afterward, even if it does mean my life, I am prepared to make that sacrifice. Where we are all heading… it will not end well for any of us if current forces have their way.

It will be very dark.

It will be very inhuman.

And I suspect a countless untold number more lives will perish.

If you want to explore some of this on your own, I invite you too.
However, I fear there is no time to take you on the same path I’ve been.
But here is just a taste in the links below…

Corruption and tyranny are enabled by the uneducated and perpetuated by the ignorant
#VotePPC and support @roccogalatilaw

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